Harris Auto Body on Park Ave Worcester – Best Car Repair Experience EVER

Harris Auto Body on Park Ave Worcester – Best Car Repair Experience EVER
At the end of March I was rear ended in a car accident in Southbridge.  Right away I knew where I had to take my car – Harris Auto Body on Park Ave in Worcester.  Alex was somehow already a Facebook friend of mine when we met a few months before while I was at his shop with a friend getting auto repair work done.  I was blown away by their friendliness and willingness to help.  
Alex & his father Doug got me hooked up and back on the road in no time.  I had a rental car for the few short weeks my car was in the shop and then they called me to inform me that I could come pick my SUV back up.  Not only did they do an awesome job fixing my car up, they also gave it back to me shiny & new looking.
If you are ever in need of service on your car, give these guys a call!  They are the real deal and a pleasure to visit after an unfortunate accident.
421 Park Ave  Worcester, MA 01610
(508) 799-7065






Ziebart in Shrewsbury – GREAT Place For Auto Detailing


So I just got back from a week long vacation in central North Carolina with my 4 kids for Spring Break.  As you can imagine, my car was pretty trashed!  Not only did we have tons of snack wrappers and trash in there, we had animal food pelts and slobber from a very neat drive-thru safari we went on.  There was NO WAY I was cleaning this all out myself!

Yesterday I dropped my SUV off at Ziebart on Route 9 in Shrewsbury after putting a call into them to see what it would cost me.  I was pleasantly surprised they could take me in and get me done in 3 hours so I rushed out there.  I worked at Panera while my car was being detailed.  After a few hours I got the call to come pick it up.

My car looked AMAZING!!! They did such a great job and the service was top notch.  They weren’t happy until I was happy with it and they did everything it took to make my car shine like new again.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to get a good detailing.  The cost was reasonable and service was unbeatable.