Can You Really Get Business From Social Media

I get asked the question all of the time – Do you really get business from social media?  YES!!  ABSOLUTELY!!
The question that comes next – HOW??
I’ve had great success with social media for business by making sure to keep it fun & informative, but making sure everyone knows what I do.  I get lots of agent referrals because I interact with them.  I get prospects that message me with real estate questions and call me when they’re ready to buy or sell because I’m approachable in social media.  
I think the main things to remember are to be yourself, show off your strengths with your personality and be giving.  When you share and are giving of information people naturally are drawn to working with you.  And don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!  
-Your Social Media Girl  🙂 

Top 5 Reasons I Will NOT Call Real Estate Agents Back To Setup Their Showings


Top 5 Reasons I Will NOT Call Real Estate Agents Back To Setup Their Showings:

5.  I am probably out servicing my clients and do not have the time to service yours. 
4. With technology everything you need can be found online in MLS or MAPass. 
3. My voicemail asks you to EMAIL me all questions and requests. 
2.  I am not chasing you for feedback – I have a system that does it better than I can.
1.  I USE MAPASS!  With one click you can have your showing request submitted and confirmed WAY faster than I can listen to your voicemail.  
We have systems to make us more successful & efficient for a reason.  You aren’t doing the best job for your client if you’re not following instructions and being a team player in this business.  75% of the listings I have been showing have MAPass these days and there is no reason to tie up the listing agent’s time by leaving them long winded voicemails asking about how to get into their properties.   Get with the times people! 

Worcester YPN ‘Appy Hour’ App List For Real Estate Professionals

THANK YOU to all of the people who attended, supported and sponsored our first ever YPN event yesterday – Appy Hour!  It was a huge success and we are so excited to bring you some more great events this year.  
As promised, here is a list of the apps we went over on the panel.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Google Drive
PDF Expert
Contactually (For a FREE 30 Day Trial click the link:
Thank You Attorney Jessica Albino & Bryan Larson from Fairway Independent Mortgage for being our generous sponsors for this event!