Why You Should Hire Seller’s Representation – Summary of a Seller’s Attorney

Why do you need a selling real estate attorney to represent you in the sale of your home?  
Here are some of the tasks a seller’s real estate attorney will complete for you while you complete one of the largest transactions of your life:  
  • Review offer to purchase
  • Assist your agent with home inspection issues, if need be 
  • Draft Purchase and Sale Agreement; review any addendums 
  • Draft Deed for closing 
  • Draft Power of Attorney and attend closing for you if you choose not to 
  • Order your mortgage payoff 
  • Assist your agent with final readings, if need be 
  • Send you the final list of documents and information needed for closing (including smoke detector certificate, Title V inspection report, 1099 documentation, commission statement, etc)
It definitely pays to work with a good real estate attorney on both the buying & selling side of your transaction.  If you need a good recommendation for one, I am happy to refer you to some top notch real estate attorneys in both MA & CT.