Why I’ll NEVER Recommend CitiMortgage!


A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a man informing me that he was going to re-key a listing that I have on the market right now.  He said that he was hired by CitiMortgage and was unsure of why he had the request (he assumed foreclosure proceedings) but that he had to get out there and was going to take off my lockbox.  He requested I give him my lockbox code to make it easier, but I didn’t know him from anywhere and he certainly was not another licensed Realtor so I was not giving him the combo.  I did offer to meet him out there to see his work order and remove my own lockbox, but he said he’d hold off and call me back to schedule.  

Miniature House With Lock and ChainI discussed this strange call with my seller who let me know she is not behind on her taxes or mortgage payments.  There are no liens on the property.  There is basically NO reason why CitiMortgage should be going in and re-keying HER house!  She called them and they assured her they would not take any actions.  They told her they were from the preservation department and they received word that the house was vacant and that’s why they were going in to “secure” the property.  That weekend we had several showings setup and when my seller went to visit the house she found that it had been re-keyed!!!  Not only did they re-key it, they broke some windows in the process.  We were furious!  I had to cancel some showings and she had to have someone come in and change the locks back to her locks.  

Again, I reiterate that there was NO good reason for CitiMortgage to take action on my client’s house for sale.   It’s not a short sale, she’s not behind on mortgage payments or taxes.  This is why I will NEVER recommend CitiMortgage to anyone as long as I’m in real estate.