Top 5 Reasons I Will NOT Call Real Estate Agents Back To Setup Their Showings


Top 5 Reasons I Will NOT Call Real Estate Agents Back To Setup Their Showings:

5.  I am probably out servicing my clients and do not have the time to service yours. 
4. With technology everything you need can be found online in MLS or MAPass. 
3. My voicemail asks you to EMAIL me all questions and requests. 
2.  I am not chasing you for feedback – I have a system that does it better than I can.
1.  I USE MAPASS!  With one click you can have your showing request submitted and confirmed WAY faster than I can listen to your voicemail.  
We have systems to make us more successful & efficient for a reason.  You aren’t doing the best job for your client if you’re not following instructions and being a team player in this business.  75% of the listings I have been showing have MAPass these days and there is no reason to tie up the listing agent’s time by leaving them long winded voicemails asking about how to get into their properties.   Get with the times people! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed
There is a peace of mind you feel when you read the words “Satisfaction Guaranteed” on any product.  Just the fact that someone believes in their service or product enough to guarantee it makes you feel better.  
I am happy to inform you that I am so passionate about my business that I, too, offer a satisfaction guarantee when working with buyers and sellers.
If you are unhappy with my services for any reason, I am happy to cancel our buyer or listing contract with 24 hour written notice – no questions asked.  I never want to trap anyone in a contract.  If you are not happy with me, you shouldn’t have to work with me.  That’s it.  And I can say in all of the years I’ve been doing real estate I have not had anyone cancel a contract because they were unhappy with the level of service they received.  
If you’re looking to buy or sell your next home, definitely check out my website and start your search today!  Licensed in MA & CT!  I look forward to working with you.  
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MAPASS – The MUST HAVE Showing Assistant This Spring


What was I waiting for?!  This past week I called and finally took the plunge to sign up for MAPASS.  It is a showing service we have here in Massachusetts that will coordinate all of our listing’s showing requests at their call center or using their very user friendly site.  Not only will it call your sellers and confirm with the buyer’s agents for you, they’ll chase those agents for feedback after the showing!  It’s AWESOME!!!

I was blown away by how easy it was to use & setup and I swear I’m getting MORE showings on my listings just by having it.  Why?  Because it streamlines the process so other agents just have to click a few links & VOILA!  Their showing is confirmed without ever having to call me.  No phone tag, no emails back and forth…it’s just click & done!

The other thing I was most impressed with was the fact that it’s so reasonably priced!  I signed up for the 10 listings per month package which is a very affordable $35/month.  They have smaller and larger packages depending on the inventory you carry.  BONUS:  You can add as many self serve listings as you want for FREE!!!  By self serve I mean listings that you do not setup with their call center to handle.  You still get to use the website to setup/send showing instructions so other agents do not have to call you AND it still chases the feedback for you and your sellers.

I can’t believe I didn’t sign up for this sooner!  I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to take on listings this Spring.  It’s been a lifesaver already!

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