Soarin’ With Santa – Thank Your For a GREAT Event!


Yesterday I took the kids to the Worcester Airport for an event that I was invited to on Facebook called Soarin’ With Santa.  What an awesome day!!!  First we were greeted at the door where we were given a ticket  with a number on it so we could go up and see Santa once he arrived.  Then we enjoyed some free samples of Polar beverages and got to visit with the Polar Bear.  Zach & Will went on to make some Christmas ornaments and then we rushed outside to make sure we didn’t miss Santa’s arrival.

Watching closely we first saw a blue Ford SUV drive down towards us.  There was someone waving graciously at the crowd and at first I couldn’t tell who, but then I saw the lovely Jennifer Roy.  Jen is a beautiful Worcester TV & radio newscaster who I recently met outside of Facebook through Karaoke For a Cure.  She is very involved in doing great things in our community.

When Santa landed from his airplane he drove down in a firetruck to come greet all of the anxious children and parents.  For a second I thought us adults may have been more excited than the kids when we spotted him in that small plane on the runway!

We enjoyed free snacks and activities while we awaited our turn to go up the magical escalator to see Santa. Once up there, we were able to take as many photos as we’d like on our digital cameras and phones of our families with Santa.  What a beautiful display!  Just as I arrived at the top with my kids the fire alarm started going off.  Luckily just a false alarm that one of the kids in the building must have setoff.  When I asked Zach his favorite part of the day he said “seeing Santa to tell him about the Legos I wanted and the worst was that fire alarm going off!”.  LOL

Thank you to all of the sponsors yesterday and to the Children’s Smile Coalition, Inc for creating this magical day.  The Children’s Smile Coalition is a non profit organization created to help underprivileged children in Massachusetts.  Please click the LIKE button on their page to support and learn more about them.

Here is a picture of my family enjoying a visit with Santa:



One thought on “Soarin’ With Santa – Thank Your For a GREAT Event!

  1. Thanks so much for the great write up! I am still overwhelmed by yesterday. Great crowd, nice people, Santa was fabulous, volunteers were amazing. Advantage Benefits, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Worcester Regional Flight Academy, Massport, Rectrix Aerodome Center and Commerce Bank paid for EVERYTHING! Jen Roy is amazing – can’t thank her enough!

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